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With the latest software interface, it is more powerful and easy to operate. Welcome customers to order.

1, one machine size: depth 470mm * width 420mm * height 580mm.

2, chassis material: metal shell, durable, good heat dissipation.

3, screen size: the main screen: 17-inch infrared touch LED display, negative screen: 15-inch LCD screen

4, the display resolution: 1024 * 768/1280 * 1024 can be set

5, touch screen resolution: 4096*4096

6, touch accuracy: ≥ 5mm

7, touch life: more than 10000000 touches

8, touch screen material: 3mm thick tempered glass, clear visibility of more than 95%,

9. Mainboard: Industrial Control Board, Onboard Integrated Intel Dual-Core Low-Power Processor (1.8GHz)

10, storage: 500G hard drive

11, running memory: 4G

12, power: Great Wall ATX270W high-power power supply,

13. Video: Built-in concealed COMS500W pixel Micro HD camera with automatic camera. Multi-camera switching can be used.

14, reader type: second generation ID card, IC card, in line with ISO14443TypeB standard,

15. OCR automatically recognizes the type of text documents: first-generation and second-generation ID cards, driver's licenses, driving licenses, military licenses, passports, lawyer's licenses, residence permits, police badges, business cards, home return cards, automatic identification, and manual identification. Color pictures are saved. Other certificates can be saved as photos.

16, printer: 80mm thermal high-speed printing 100mm / s, large-capacity paper warehouse 80mm * 80mm, lack of paper alarm detection.