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Phone APP

By phone at the moment when Apple mobile app general overviewAPP handy phone APP is based on the card management platform CS as the basis for personnel to provide comprehensive query statistics, self-service online recharge service.APP Handy pass provide WeChat, Alipay recharge, reload to the ring after the success of deposit points to receive, recharge, consumption, subsidies, refunds and other records for inquiries, attendance records inquiries, attendance daily report inquiries, to facilitate the user to work overtime Application, travel applications, leave applications, access control records query, access control the root query, while providing users with remote open the door function, providing self-ordering function, buffet return function, buffet ordering function, eliminating the hassle of manual ordering statistics, At the same time for the management unit greatly reduce food waste, to provide personal information inquiries, balance inquiry, change the password, self-report loss, upload avatars and other functions.

Phone APP
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