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Intelligent self-checking machine X series
Intelligent self-checking  machine X series
Eastriver Intelligent self-checking machine X series●Features
Equipped with casters and cups, it is easy to move and the position can be adjusted;
Shell material selection of cold-rolled plate, the surface of all the use of high-quality outdoor dusting treatment, strong adhesion;Fashion design is generous, concise and exquisite, bright and harmonious colors, with reasonable;
Low power consumption, good heat dissipation, stable performance, long service life;The whole machine is made of high quality steel, hard and thick, not easily deformed, waterproof, dustproof, riot-proof and wear-resistant. It adopts a turn-up type design and is equipped with a gas spring assist to facilitate maintenance operations. It is also equipped with front door and rear door maintenance.
The front door is equipped with a crash edge to prevent foreign objects from colliding.
High-performance industrial motherboard computer design, provide a powerful hardware platform for system operation, stable performance;With the new UI design, the human-computer interaction interface is more friendly and simpler to operate, providing you with 7*24 trouble-free and uninterrupted service;
Rich and varied self-help functions, support for printing small tickets, self-initiated loss reporting, subsidy collection, balance inquiries, prepaid inquiries, consumer inquiries, self-order meals, water control transfers, electronic control payment, WeChat scan code recharge, Alipay scan code recharge, etc.;
Eastriver Intelligent self-checking machine X series●Technical Parameters
Technical Parameters
Industrial control host: dual-core 1.8GHZ processor, memory: 2G, hard disk: 500G 6 RS-232 ports, 8 USB, 1 10/100M network port, 1 PCI slot;Display part: Operation display adopts 17-inch industrial LCD display, resolution support 1024*768;
Touch input: finger, gloved hand, infrared blocking detection, no surface conductive plating technology, waterproof, riot-proof, maintenance-free, long life;Receipt printing: line thermal printing, resolution 203DPI * 203DPI, print speed 150mm / s (Max.) & ≥ 32 lines / sec, print paper width: 57.5 / 69.5 / 76 / 79.5/82.5mm;
Sound system: Left and right dual amplifier output, frequency response range 100Hz-20KHz, effective output 25W;Switching power supply: output DC voltage 24.0V 12.0V, rated output current 4.0A 2.0A;
Working environment: temperature: 0 °C ~ 70 °C, humidity: 10% ~ 90%;Card reading frequency: IC category 13.56MHz;
Reader type: Mifare1 card, NFC phone card, SMD card, CPU card, SIMpass card, UIMpass card, second-generation ID cardCommunication distance: TCP ≥ 100 meters, over the repeater;
Equipment size: 600mm×450mm×1500mm;

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