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Smart A2 cash refill machine X series
Smart A2 cash refill machine X series
Eastriver Smart A2 cash refill machine X series●Features
Shell material selection of cold-rolled plate, the surface of all the use of high-quality outdoor dusting treatment, strong adhesion;

Fashion design is generous, concise and exquisite, bright and harmonious colors, with reasonable;

The appearance of the main color matching red, green, blue, orange, purple five colors, can be customized according to customer needs other colors;

With powerful functions, besides realizing the basic business of bank cards, it is also possible to apply for various services such as depositing and collecting tickets;

The encryption keyboard has the function of disassembling, self-destructing, self-protection and high security;

Low power consumption, good heat dissipation, stable performance, long service life;
The whole machine is made of high quality steel, hard and thick, not easily deformed, waterproof, dustproof, riot-proof and wear-resistant. It adopts a turn-up type design and is equipped with a gas spring assist to facilitate maintenance operations. It is also equipped with front door and rear door maintenance.Equipped with casters and cups, it is easy to move and the position can be adjusted;
The new design of the guard hood makes the keyboard more peepproof, and the front door is equipped with anti-collision edge to prevent foreign objects from colliding.High-performance industrial motherboard computer design, provide a powerful hardware platform for system operation, stable performance;
With the new UI design, the human-computer interaction interface is more friendly and simpler to operate, providing you with 7*24 trouble-free and uninterrupted service;Rich and varied self-help functions, support for cash recharge, support for WeChat scan code recharge, Alipay scan code recharge, UnionPay transfer, print receipt, self-check-in loss, subsidy collection, balance inquiry, recharge query, consumer inquiry, self-order meal, water control transfer, Electronic control payment, etc.
Eastriver Smart A2 cash refill machine X series●Technical Parameters
Technical Parameters
Industrial control host: dual-core 1.8GHZ processor, memory: 2G, hard disk: 500G 6 RS-232 ports, 8 USB, 1 10/100M network port, 1 PCI slot;

Display part: Operation display adopts 17-inch industrial LCD display, resolution support 1024*768;

Touch input: finger, gloved hand, infrared blocking detection, no surface conductive plating technology, waterproof, riot-proof, maintenance-free, long life;

Receipt printing: line thermal printing, resolution 203DPI * 203DPI, print speed 150mm / s (Max.) & ≥ 32 lines / sec, print paper width: 57.5 / 69.5 / 76 / 79.5/82.5mm;
Sound system: Left and right dual amplifier output, frequency response range 100Hz-20KHz, effective output 25W;Switching power supply: output DC voltage 24.0V 12.0V, rated output current 4.0A 2.0A;
Working environment: temperature: 0 °C ~ 70 °C, humidity: 10% ~ 90%;Card reading frequency: IC category 13.56MHz;
Reader type: Mifare1 card, NFC mobile phone card, SMD card, CPU card, SIMpass card, UIMpass card, second-generation ID card;Reading distance: Mifare1 card ≥ 40mm, NFC mobile phone card ≥ 10mm, SMD card ≥ 20mm, CPU card ≥ 30mm, SIMpass card ≥ 10mm, UIMpass card ≥ 10mm, second-generation ID card ≥ 10mm;
Communication distance: TCP ≥ 100 meters, over the repeater;Equipment size: L500mm × W450mm × H1600mm;

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